The To-Do-List Meets ToDoist

Are you a list maker? Do you find yourself looking for the scrap piece of paper you wrote your must-do items on, where you're adding things to it you've already done, just so you can draw a line through something?

...asking for a friend...

No doubt you have your favorite ways of making sure you remember what you're supposed to do, and we all get that inexplicable satisfaction from crossing something off the list once it's done.

One struggle I have, though, is leaving my list behind. Or forgetting where I placed it. Or starting one list on multiple pieces of scrap paper because I can't find the one I started earlier.

It's frustrating, because if I don't have my list, stuff gets forgotten. Yet I can't seem to keep everything in one place? Do you relate?

Let me introduce you to ToDoist.

I am not an affiliate, and I don't make a dime from them for sharing this with you. I just love it enough to talk about, and it's something you can use with your clients as well.

ToDoist is user-friendly, color-coordinated (love colors!), and has appropriate features that don't go overboard in techie-overwhelm.

My clients and I both use ToDoist as a project tracker and task tracker for his business. We track who is working on what and how much they've got going on at one time. We all love it, but we use it in different ways.

One Mr. ClientMan uses it as an actual to-do list. He schedules items with a due date and only works on items that day. He manages his tasks and to-dos as they appear. On their due date, they show up in his "TODAY" section, and one by one, he checks them off.

I, however, use it as a project management tool. I schedule things for the date they need to be completed by, and then work up to completion on that date. If I need to have four blog posts written by April 18th, I'll add a task in ToDoist and track my progress on that task to keep track of how much time I have left, how much work I've done so far, and see if I can beat the clock, as it were.

It doesn't matter how you use it, the fact is it's a handy, useful accountability and productivity tool.

Stop writing on the scrap paper and install ToDoist today.

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