Where Copy and Conversation Collide

Copy and Conversation

"Copy" is a throw-around term in online business, but it is an essential piece of every entrepreneur's success.

Copy, the words written to express a specific call to action or to persuade buyers for a product sale, is the golden ticket for any online marketer or business owner.

There is a science to writing "good copy". There are classes you can take, certifications you can obtain, and people you can hire to create good copy for you. It seems overwhelming at first, especially if you don't consider yourself a writer or a marketing expert.

And while those resources are viable, valuable, and important, I don't want you to be afraid to dive into the world of copy yourself.

It may take a few tries before you get it right (or before you determine it's absolutely not for you), but as a virtual assistant, being able to write copy - good copy - is a skill you'll want to add to your arsenal of services offered.

Imagine with me, for a moment, you're sitting at a table having a conversation with a personal friend.

During your conversation you hear them say something that immediately makes you think of a product you've tried, or a message you've heard, that speaks directly to their current situation. You know if they don't hear about this and how they'll benefit from it, they'll continue to be miserable in their situation.

As their friend, you start to speak to them, directly to the issues they're experiencing and the solutions you know would turn their ship around. You become passionate and "animated" even, dispelling their arguments before they have a chance to voice them, and you - because of your innate care and concern for your friend - convince them to try what you've suggested.

You just imagined a verbal exchange of good copy.

When you care enough to notice the problems and hurdles people are facing and can call their attention to them, then turn the conversation to the solutions that would free them from their struggle or complications, you've exercised the very purpose of copy!

Copy is a conversation in written format. Good copy anticipates the questions and objections before they arise, answers them specifically, and displays relevant, informative, and persuasive conversational speech to the customer.

The compelling thing about copy is it's a personal conversation you enter into with your customer. If you're not entering into the conversation they need to have and if you're not answering their questions before they've had a chance to ask them, you're not producing good copy.

It's not something completely foreign to be able to create copy. Remember the art of conversation, pay attention to speaking directly to the specific need (pain point) of your customer, and present the solution they can't be without any longer.

Anyone can write copy. Some are better copywriters than others, however. Try out some conversational writing and let your copywriting skills rise to the top, so you can ben an asset to your clients. Spot good copy, make note of good copy, and write good copy.

Keep the conversation going!

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