Why I'm Going On and On about Affiliate Marketing

If you're getting emails from me, you know lately I've been sharing all I can about Matt McWilliams and his genius (pure genius) insight into affiliate marketing.

(Matt also just released a new guide TODAY that you should probably snag while you can - if you hate sales but you love earning extra income, this is the diamond in the rough you've been looking for. I promise.)

And if you're not getting emails from me, why aren't we friends yet? Give it a chance - I'll bring coffee.

Anyway, I'm making a big deal about it because affiliate marketing is... well... a big deal.

If you're considering becoming or planning on starting as a virtual assistant, your clients will no doubt be involved with JV launches, promoting products or services of other people.

First, let me tell you JV in this case is not "Junior Varsity". No no no. This is the big leagues, and there is no second string.

JV stands for Joint Venture. Different people come together and join up to promote services or products, and in doing so, also earn a percentage of the income from any sales made.

It's basically the easiest way to earn money on this side of the computer screen.

You don't have to have a website. You don't have to have a business. You don't have to have a product. You don't have to love - or even like! - sales. You just have to have a desire to support others in their business while also (passively!) reaping the benefit of their hard work and earning an income from the sales you help them make.

This is why Anchor VA Network's online course has an option for you to become an affiliate. All you have to do - well, here, watch this short video I recorded awhile back where I explain it in more detail. Go ahead, I'll wait...

There. Does it make more sense now? And it's super simple, right?

I know!

I finally met Matt McWilliams in person last spring after working with him several years online, and was blown away. Not only is he entertaining (and a goof, but in a good way), but he is SHARP. He knows his stuff, and he is THE GUY for this.

So here's the deal. Your clients will want to be an affiliate for someone at some point. Give yourself the edge and learn what you can about affiliate marketing now, so you can help your clients do better AND so you can market yourself to more potential clients!

Nothing lands you a client quite like being an expert in helping them earn passive income! (And you can be earning some yourself!)

It's exciting because you get out of it what you put into it. If you know what people want and connect them to the right product, you not only greatly benefit them and influence their lives and future, but you're also building up your own bank account!

Go grab Matt's guide today, make sure you tune in for his genius, and don't let fear stand in your way of opportunity.

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