No More Thankless Jobs

It was a couple of years ago when I wrote a thank you card to a man I used to work for. I told him it was because of his faith in me, his challenging me in personal growth, and his leadership, that I was now doing exactly what I wanted to be doing in my work.

I wanted to thank him for showing me I was capable of so much more, and for his role in my journey to change households (including my own) through my work as a VA.

Just today, in fact, I went to an event where the organization we run for bereaved parents won an award and was being recognized during a special banquet ceremony.

When I walked in the door, standing there waiting for me was another man I used to work for years ago. I was so happy to see him and to visit and catch up with what's been happening in his professional and personal life.

He was another key player in helping me see my potential and in directing me to the door of my calling today. I was thrilled to run into him and to not only hear what he has been up to, but to share what I've had going on as well.

There are people you've had in your life along the way who have taught you things: things about yourself, new skills, new strategies, new ways of thinking. Some good, some bad, but everyone you cross paths with has an influence or an impact on your life.

Who have you thanked for helping you get to where you are today?

It was months after I sent that thank you card when I went to the mailbox and had a reply. That card has brightened his whole week, and he was honored to have such an influential role in my professional life.

I didn't send him the card expecting anything in return, though. I simply wanted him to know how much working with him had made a difference in my life these years later.

No doubt, whether you're in love with your current work situation or not, you've had interactions with people along the way who have helped shape who you are, how you work, and what you're passionate about.

But do they know it?

I may be more on the sentimental side than most, but I don't think there's anything more valuable than sharing with someone how much they've meant to you, or the impact they've had on your life.

Think about how much someone has inspired or encouraged you, and where you would be today if they hadn't have challenged you, or encouraged you, or inspired you to make a change. Isn't that worth a "thank you"?

The best people who make the biggest difference rarely know they're having such a profound impact on others. Give them the treat of knowledge, and tell them so. You'll make their day, yes, but you'll keep their flame lit so they're able to inspire and encourage others to be and do more as well.

Take a moment to look back over your life and reflect on all the people who have helped you get where you are today. Then, do the right thing and thank them.

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