New Year, New [Career] Opportunity

There's something about the start of a new year that fills people with a renewed sense of inspiration and determination.

Even though a new year comes smack in the middle of winter (which is only a big deal if you live in an area like my neck of the woods), January 1st floods the hearts and souls of people with fresh hopes, new plans, and a surge of excited willpower.

I remember the January I turned in my notice.

I walked into my boss's office and shut the door, taking a seat across from him at his desk. I slid the envelope containing my resignation letter across to him. He threw me a sideways glance and asked, "What's this?"

Let me be clear: my boss was amazing. I worked for him for five years, and he had a lot of faith in me when others wondered why. He not only tolerated my sass, but encouraged my talents. He saw potential in me.... even if it was to only grow into other positions within those four walls.

Handing him that envelope was hard. Really hard.

But my internal answer to his question, "What's this?" was: My ticket to freedom.

Two weeks later I walked out of my office for the last time and never. looked. back.

I started working from home and even though it was for significantly less income at the time, the rewards were priceless.

The transition wasn't a seamless one, but every experience I had along the way was powerful.

My family was stronger for having me available to and for them.

My excitement to start each day came back in short order.

My creativity spiked and my motivation soared.

I had my life back. My family had me back.

I wouldn't be publishing this blog post, however, if I had never taken the risk.

You see, friends, there's reward to be found only on the other side of risk.

When I slid that envelope across the desk, I said goodbye to the largest paychecks I had ever earned.

But I gained so much more.

I had freedom. Flexibility. Ownership. Purpose.

I temporarily sacrificed earnings - so I thought. Now, working part time, I earn more than I did working full-time in a job I was miserable doing.

Not only do I earn a comfortable living, but we LIVE a comfortable life. No more rushing out the door each morning to beat traffic, or the line at daycare drop-off (good heavens, the line...).

No more skipping breakfast or leaving my freshly poured hot coffee in the travel mug on the counter.

No more being too exhausted at the end of the day to cook a decent meal.

No more slaving for someone else's bottom line.

(Bonus: No more awkward office bathroom encounters. I don't know why people have to choose the stall directly next to the one you're in when others are open and available...!)

It was a new year, and I took a chance.

It was a new year, and I felt hope and inspiration.

It was a new year, and I chased after a new dream.

Whatever situation you find yourself in this new year - if your job is holding you down mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, all the "ally"s.... what could happen if you took a risk?

What could happen if you chased the reward?

What could happen if you took that first step toward turning the possible into the real?

It's a new year. Maybe now is the time to take a chance on this whole virtual assistant thing. Maybe this year is your year.

Take a sneak peek into our training course and decide this year will be the year you take opportunity by the horns.

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