Can you REALLY make money as a Virtual Assistant?

A while back, when I started pursuing this path of training other people how to become a VA, I had a mother texting me asking me for more information because she thought this would be a good line of work for her daughter.

Like so many, the daughter felt "stuck" in her corporate job, not enjoying anything about it but not seeing any other way to make as decent of a paycheck.

As I shared information with the mother to pass on to her daughter, it was revealed to me the daughter had expressed the following: "I probably can't make enough money doing that, anyway."

Let's address this, shall we?

Whether you believe me or not, the fact remains: the only limiting factor on your earning potential - in ANY career - is you.

Uncomfortable truth bomb alert: If you're not making enough in your job, and you choose to stay rather than pursue other opportunities, that's on you.

Likewise, if you're not making enough as a VA, it's because of the decisions you've made regarding your hours and your rates. It's not because of a lack of opportunity.

I can choose to work five hours a week charging $15 an hour, and lose my house.

OR, I can find a couple of clients I can work several hours a week for, putting out quality work for $35 an hour, and suddenly I've got a lot more freedom at my fingertips.

But I know, I know... you need a full time income for full time hours or else you're going to lose it all. So being a VA can't work! Right?


Let's take our focus off of the numbers for a second and think about what's ultimately at stake.

Working from home means:

  • no commute, therefore, less fuel, less vehicle wear and tear, less time in traffic or potential accidents. A commute from the bedroom to the table in fuzzy slippers is a commute I would choose every day.

  • homemade meals all the time. No restaurant tabs unless you choose to, not because you ran out of time to make your lunch and you have to eat or the office will see "Hangry Carol" if you skip a meal again.

  • you buy clothes you're comfortable working in, rather than clothes you're required to appear in. This can save you a lot of money, depending on your current workplace and your shopping style.

  • kids let out from school early? No additional daycare costs! You can pick them up and take them home.

  • maybe, no daycare costs at all! This is a preference choice, of course, but many work-from-home-rs are still uber productive while the kiddos run around at their feet! It's tricky, but it's absolutely possible, and a chunk-of-change saver as well.

  • food bill goes down. How is that possible if you're eating more from home? Studies have shown when we make our own food at home, we make better choices, and therefore experience far less impulse-spending at the grocery store. You just can't beat a homemade burger!

  • health is wealth, baby. No more sanitizing the doorknobs after your hacking coworker leaves the meeting room. Taking care of yourself at home reduces your exposure to illness, which saves on medicinal and doctor visit expenses.

  • most, if not all, of your work-related expenses become tax-year write-offs. This decreases your taxable income, which can be a tremendous help come April 15th.

  • your time is your own. Working late? You've still got some snuggle time on the sofa with the fam.

  • gym membership fees not necessary! Optional, of course, but if you can bench your toddler, you can exercise, spend time with your children, and strategize that next marketing call all in one fell-swoop, and with no awkward locker-room talk to boot!

I'm making light on some of the above points, but the truth is you can save so much money while also building your from-home VA business to make so much money.

Being a VA is a lucrative, viable career. It's not a marketing ploy or a pyramid scheme. It's a business, run by you serving your clients, earning revenue for a job well done. And the earning potential is pretty limitless.

More than being able to pay our bills and fund our savings, the time and energy I've spent investing in my family has given me far more returns than any performance-review-based 3% annual raise.

Can you really make money as a VA? You can bet your life on it. And the better news is, when you work from home, you actually have a life to bet on.

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