Is Working From Home A Cop Out?

We live in an interesting world today. With so much competition, especially in the corporate world, there's a message being shouted - even if subliminally - if you're not climbing a corporate ladder, you're not succeeding.

That's complete crap.

Somewhere along the line, working from home became synonymous with being "less than", incapable, and struggling to earn money by avoiding having a "real" job.

People believe working from home is a cop out.

Let me share my own story for some background here. I worked in the corporate world for 15 years. While my jobs and titles were always respectable, my success was not. I was miserable for a lot of those years, doing work I couldn't stand to earn a paycheck I deeply resented. I needed the money to pay my bills, so I continued doing work I found completely frustrating and unfulfilling.

In that time, our second daughter, Harlynn, was stillborn. At term, I went into labor and made it to the hospital to find out her heart was no longer beating.

Everything in my life changed, most especially my perspective and my priorities.

I buried my daughter and went back to work doing things I found completely unimportant and a complete waste of my time. It wasn't that the work WAS unimportant or a waste of time, but for my own life, my own objectives, and my own priorities, it meant nothing to me. Nothing.

By a not-so-random series of events, I ended up as a virtual assistant. I work from home for clients I adore, doing work I absolutely love. I write, I interact with people, I manage projects, I continually push the limits of my potential and my creativity, and I do it all from my home office.

I've had to turn work down because I don't have the time to take on new clients. I work part-time and earn a full-time income, and every single day, I'm fulfilled, satisfied, and excited to work.

Not convinced working from home isn't a cop out? Let's dig a little deeper.

I own my own company. As an independent contractor, my virtual assistant business is my own. I have a CPA who does my taxes, I have contracts I sign with my clients, and I choose what work I do, for whom, and when. I'm my own boss and have created my own job description.

That may sound cliche, so I'll take it a step further. What's one of the most successful titles you can achieve in the business world? CEO. Well here's the kicker - I'm a CEO. I call the shots, I approve the budget, I hire and fire, and I'm the business development officer for my company.

I'll recap: I'm a CEO, working part-time, earning a full-time income, doing work I choose - and love - to do. I have no corporate ladder to fight my way up.

My response? Working from home is not a cop-out anymore than staying stuck in a corporate job that weighs and ties you down is a cop-out. The only cop-out is refusing to believe you can do something different, better, and more fulfilling.

Working from home is not what I "do". It's only where I'm located. What I do is help entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses by putting my gifts, talents, and skills, to good use. The fact that my office is my home is only an added bonus.

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