Is Being a VA Right For You?

Most of the time, when I tell people I'm a virtual assistant, they nod their head and smile and then ask, "What's a virtual assistant?"

If I forget where I am and I share with people by telling them "I'm a VA", they assume I work in Veteran's Affairs, or I'm a really big Virginia fan. (Go Cavaliers...?)

The truth of the matter is, I'm my own boss doing work I love for people and causes I love, and all from the comfort of my home. (Or favorite coffee shop, depending on the day!)

After Hubs and I settled in to our adult life as responsible grownups, we also settled in to the every day 8 - 5 at jobs we couldn't stand. Hubs eventually found a company and a role he enjoyed and appreciated, but I was stuck going to work each day to fulfill bullet points on a job description that left me completely bored, drained, and feeling trapped.

I had a fantastic boss who tried to pour a lot of inspiration and motivation my way, but the role I was filling behind that desk every day wasn't mine to fill.

After our first child was born and I had to drop her off with someone else each morning while I went to work, I was earnestly seeking another solution. There had to be a way I could be a mama without having to take sick or vacation time to do it.

Everything I found was either a call center or data entry position, and those didn't cut the mustard for me. I didn't want just any job or just any pay to be able to say I worked from home. I wanted to do the right things using my best skills for the right reasons, and those opportunities seemed pretty elusive.

So I continued working where I was already working, and I was miserable.

In 2013, our second child - our daughter, Harlynn - was stillborn. My family and I were completely devastated and had to navigate a new world no one had ever talked to me about. Burying a child is a trauma unlike any other.

Returning to work, where everyone else's life had continued as normal while my world had been completely shattered, was debilitating.

I remember when I answered the call of an intense customer ordering me to move money from one account to another so he could make his boat payment. I hung up the phone, tears streaming down my face. I had just buried my daughter, and this man wanted me to shift some assets around for a lousy boat payment.

It didn't matter to me. It wasn't at all important through my new lens of life. And I was spending every day away from my family doing work like this? It was the last straw.

Through a not-so-random series of events, I found myself marching down the path to work from home as a virtual assistant.

Suddenly, the dreams I had neglected for years became alive again. I was doing the work I was MADE to do, and I was getting paid for it, all while wearing fuzzy slippers!

I set my own hours, I market my best skills, and I don't have to commute through traffic, drop my children off for others to raise, or make a boat payment for anyone other than myself!

Were it not for the faith and belief one person had in me, I wouldn't be doing this today. That's what I want to offer you.

I know you're tired of feeling trapped. I know you're tired of checking off the bullet points of your job description rather than creating the work that completely lights you up. I know you're tired of being tired at the end of a long work day, and your family suffers because you're flat-out-done.

That was me. I get it. I walked that road.

If you're ready to work with the best people, doing and creating the very things you love and are gifted for, and all on your own timeline with your own set of rules, this may very well be your answer.

Virtual assistants are the driving force behind innovative entrepreneurs. The success of entrepreneurs doesn't stop at their ideas, but flows out of the very people who help them execute.

That's where you come in.

No matter your gifts or skills, there is a client out there waiting for you. Do you love to write? Balance accounts? Dabble in graphic design? Schedule events, or manage huge product launch projects? Are you able to be the gatekeeper of your client's calendar, and help them not only organize their time, but their priorities?

The list of possibilities is endless, and it doesn't stop at what's currently available. There's a lot of undiscovered territory out there, just waiting for you to stake your claim.

Ask yourself this: Am I capable, characterized, and confident enough to do the work I've always wanted to do?

If your answer is yes, welcome to the world of virtual assisting. Let's get to work!

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