Life As A VA: Interview with Kim Wester

Life As A VA: Interview with Kim Wester

Quick Start List to Becoming a VA:


You've got to not only have high-speed, but reliable internet. As dependent as we are upon the internet these days, when you're working remotely, it is your life-blood. When your work is done online, you can't afford to have choppy, slow, or unreliable web power. Make sure wherever you'll be working from - home, coffee shop, rented office space, library - it has dependable, fast internet. Working remotely allows you to write off at least a chunk of that internet bill, so don't be cheap. It may sound counterintuitive, but you can't afford to be cheap here! 

Smart Phone

I'll be the first to admit I don't have every work app I use installed on my phone. That said, however, since I work remotely, I need to be available to do work from anywhere - even in line at the grocery store. It makes no difference what kind of phone you have, so long as you can connect to the web, check email, receive and send text messages, and do the old-fashioned trick phones were actually created for: call someone. You don't have to install a mobile office on your phone, but you do need to make sure you can keep up with your work while you're out and about, should the need ever arise.


Just like it doesn't matter what kind of smartphone you have (iPhone vs. Android), it makes no difference which side of the computer spectrum you're on. If you're in love with your Windows PC, it will get the work done for you. If you're a Mac user, you're already in the cool club. The important factor is not which kind of computer you use, but that it's reliable and you're proficient and comfortable with using it. Your computer IS your mobile office and will need to go where you go, so make sure your technology is portable on top of being dependable.


Don't ever, ever, EVER be that person in a coffee shop who virtually attends meetings or conference calls without headphones, and forces the general public to take part in the meeting. Whether it's on your phone or on your laptop, you keep those speakers plugged tight with headphones, and for convenience's sake, make sure those headphones have a functioning microphone. No one else needs to know what's going on in your work (or personal life), and your clients won't want random ears tuning in to their meetings. Make sure your headset is in good, working order, and is with you at all times. 


When it comes down to it, whether you're a VA, a teacher, a mom, or any other role you hold in life, you're going to succeed when you determine you will. This takes grit, follow-through, and patience. Being disciplined is not a natural-born instinct. We have to train ourselves to do what we say we will, what we know we need to, and what it takes to succeed. You can't order discipline from Amazon Prime (wouldn't that be nice?) but you can build it in daily doses until it's second-nature for you. People are depending on you to help them grow their business, and it will take intentional discipline on your part to make it happen.

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