I'll teach you how to start your own remote business, how to branch into virtual assistant work,

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Val Kleppen, Founder


The Anchor VA concept is important because I understand what it's like to want to work from home. In order for that to become a reality for you, you need to know how to make your remote business profitable.


The problem is you aren't sure how you can work from home and still earn a significant income which leaves you feeling overwhelmed, or even trapped.

In a time where remote work has become an integral part of the corporate world, and current social situations have increased the demand for independent or remote work opportunities, there really is no better time to get that home office situated and go to work for yourself.


I firmly believe you don't have to choose between flex benefits or family time.


I understand you want more time at home while also contributing your skills and talents and earning an income, which is why I created the leading training courses in building a remote business, and in becoming a virtual assistant.


Here's how it works:

1. Assess what you can provide or offer in your remote business.

2. Teach the step-by-step process of launching your remote business.

3. Show you how to find clients and earn income.


So, start your training today! And in the meantime, download this worksheet to see how you really can afford to work from home.


Stop feeling trapped working your 8 to 5 and being pulled away from home, and instead, flourish in the success of your own remote business.

Want to BE a VA?

If you're looking for the opportunity to work from home, and want to get in on the Virtual Assistant action but don't know where to start - our online course is just what you're looking for! We have coaching packages for those who want some additional guidance as well!

Want to BE a VA?

Learn how to help other entrepreneurs grow their business and scale their success, as you work from home to build a steady clientele. This 12 session course gives you the inside scoop on what being a virtual assistant is all about.

Become a VA today!


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My one wish before I started my first online business was to have someone tell me exactly how I could stay home with my children, still provide a significant income to my household, and have more freedom, flexibility, and fun in my day-to-day.


That is exactly why this course exists!


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